Homotoxicology is a treatment regime that uses potentised remedies to treat specific disease processes. It is a simplified branch of homeopathy that has two aims of treatment.

  • To treat the components of the greater defense system in order to optimise its ability to maintain homeostasis (balance) within the body as a whole and locally.
  • To induce a so-called vicariation (natural healing trend) in disease, where the regulatory systems of the body are induced to shift disease from chronic phases into phases closer to healing and thus resolution of the problem.
  • This mode of treatment offers new treatment possibilities for chronic diseases that have been found in past to be incurable. It also offers understanding to the phenomena underlying the role of chronic stress in disease and/or metabolic diseases.

Controversy is similar to that concerning homeopathy. The Heel company has performed a large number of comparative, and some excellent quantitative trials.

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